Pool Crack Leak Repair

Vinyl pools do not suffer from water loss through cracks like concrete and fiberglass swimming pools do. A vinyl liner pool may tend to develop a hole in the liner however the condition of the concrete under the liner has little overall bearing on the liner itself except in the most extreme of cases. A concrete pool crack is a major problem and one that has the potential to ruin the entire pool investment.

The most common and severe vinyl pool crack problems are cracking and sinking concrete decks around the pool. Many vinyl swimming pools have coping tracks inbedded into the deck which will break when the deck fails. This is a costly problem that will require extensive money and effort to repair in extreme cases.

Cracks in a concrete pool are an indication of a major underlying problem and is one that can not be simply covered over. A structural crack appearing in the plaster finish of the pool would reappear if you were to replaster the pool. In order to stop the crack from coming back you need to determine if the crack has stabalized or is continuing to grow.

A static crack in a swimming pool can be patched using a special concrete called hydraulic concrete. Specifically hydraulic concrete that has been fortified with bonding agents and accelerators making it suitable for underwater and under pressure repairs to concrete.

This concrete will bond to almost any existing concrete and will turn from wet to set in as little as 30 seconds making it extremely difficult to work with if you are a concrete novice. Additionally this concrete is very hard on the skin, more so than normal concrete which has been known to cause severe chemical burns in people with sensitive skin.

The concept of repair is that any crack that continues to move will be difficult to repair. The only possible repair is a flexible epoxy or material that can move with the crack. The correct repair is to address the reason the pool cracked and repair with a hydraulic water stop cement once the crack is no longer getting larger.

Water stop cement is a highly modified cement product that expands as it cures as opposed to shrinking like conventional portland cement concrete. This expansion prevents water from permeating through, but more importantly, around where the old concrete and the new hydraulic cement join together.

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