Pool Liner Leak Repair

Any spot where a vinyl pool liner has a leak the wall underneath will begin to rust and corrode. This is most apparent when then liner is removed and you can visually see tha damage however early indications of this are water loss combines with a rough or growing texture both felt and visible under the liner.

leak in vinyl liner

Leaks in swimming pool liners are both easy and difficult to diagnose. It is easy enough to determine that there is a leak in the pool liner by isolating the plumbing system of the pool from the main shell. It can be time consuming and difficult to actually locate the leak point in the liner itself as this is completed generally by manually inspecting the liner.

leaking pool light

Since You can isolate the shell from the plumbing system in the same way that you would plug all of the lines for your pool in the winter. If the water level continues to drop despite being separated from the pool plumbing then the leak is almost certainly in the main structure of the pool.

leaking pool liner

Since plumbing configurations are different from one pool to the next it can be difficult for some pool owners to determine if their vinyl liner is leaking. Problems in the main drain of the pool, if you have one, can often cause unexplained water loss. Since the main drain is so difficult to inspect it can sometime be leaking and appear as though the liner itself is leaking.

vinyl pool main drain

Since The most common leak locations in vinyl liners is along the walls and the small cove in the liner where the floor and walls meet. Begin by checking all pool equipment such as the vacuum head, skimmer poles, brushes and any other item that is put into the pool. Often sharp edges, broken plastic or metal on these items can be damaging the liner every time you use them.

Holes in a vinyl pool liner look like small cresent shaped "smiles" about one quarter of an inch long. These holes can be found by manually inspecting the suspect areas slowly and methodically. Diving gear makes this process much easier. The holes once located can be repaired with a vinyl pool liner patch kit which is essentially the same as a bicycle tire patch kit.

vinyl pool liner bead removal

Since There are some patch kits meant for underwater use and some intended for dry application liner repair. If possible you can also repair the leak by placing the vinyl patch on the backside of the liner to minimize the cosmetic deficiency of the patch. Another option is to create a patch out of the same liner pattern that you have already. When done properly this can make the new patch almost invisible.

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