Pool Skimmer Leak Repair

The skimmer of a swimming pool can break or leak in multiple ways. The skimmer is one of the more complicated areas of your pool since there are many different ways and plumbing configuations in which you can install a skimmer. The most common leak points are the connection port where the plumbing line connects to the bottom of the skimmer as well as cracks in the skimmer body itself.

leaking pool skimmer
There are some skimmer repairs that you can complete if you can locate and identify the leak location on the skimmer. However it is very common to require the skimmer to be replaced completely. This is because repairs to a leaking skimmer can be difficult to locate, access and repair. Often times replacement is the prudent choice.

new vinyl pool skimmer

A crack inside a skimmer is likely a result of improper wintering and it is likely the water inside the skimmer froze and cracked the casing. The cracks will tend to be visible along the bottom or sides of the skimmer and will certainly leak water regardless of how small the cracks look to be.

cracked pool skimmer

With a vinyl liner pool you can replace a skimmer without replacing the liner ONLY if the liner is still quite new (not lost its elaticity) and you are very careful.

Even as a pool professional replacing a skimmer on an existing vinyl liner pool can be tricky. The replacement becomes far more difficult if the replacement skimmer is not the exact same as the one you are replacing.

leaking skimmer

If you need to drill new mounting holes or cut a bigger skimmer mouth the possibility of damaging the liner increases substantially. In situations where the wall around the skimmer is too deteriorated or rusted due to the previous leak in that area you can sometimes purchase a skimmer with a larger mouth diameter and cut it to fit in the pool wall.

large mouth pool skimmer

Concrete pool skimmers require extensive effort to expose since they are typically encased in a solid cube of concrete up to three feet thick. Removing and replacing a concrete pool skimmer amounts to a great deal of digging and jackhammering to expose.

This process will often cause the skimmer to crack or break which is why replacement of the skimmer is usually required with a concrete pool. It is possible to expose the bottom ports on a concrete skimmer and conduct a repair there however this will take a fair bit of finesse and luck to do.

above ground pool skimmer

Aboverground pool skimmers are the easiest to repair since they are not buried below grade and the pool liner is under minimal stress from stretching by comparison to an inground vinyl pool. Any leaks from an aboveground skimmer will be readily apparent.

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